Issue: April 21, 2016

Morning, readers,

I hope you're all handling allergy season better than I am! We here at the

CN&R are excited for the warm up in weather, so much so that we put

together an entire issue dedicated to getting outdoors--and onto two

wheels. This week is our annual Bike Issue, and in celebration of the 35th

year of the Wildflower Century, we put together a nice selection of stories

about that beloved ride. But look beyond the feature stories to other

sections, including Greenways and Healthlines, where we tell other

bicycle-related tales.

In other news: Two events this month highlight the importance of

collaboration when it comes to reaching the local homeless population; Cal

Water is proposing a 30 percent rate increase; and the City Council takes

on street vendor licenses.

One more thing: The CAMMIES are here! Check out our special pull-out

section in the paper this week for a full schedule--or log onto, where you can also vote for your favorite local

act. Hope to see some of you out on the town this week!

Until next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor