10 tips to becoming a cannabis Product Pro

Edibles, potables, vapes, waxes, oils, tinctures, salves, sublingual sprays and more.

Be inquisitive

Florin Wellness Center budtender Luis Otiniano advises asking lots of questions. “Your budtenders know,” Otiniano says. “They want you to have the medicine you need, not what you think you need.”


As the Beastie Boys said, “Slow and low, that is the tempo.” Otiniano recommends starting at 5 mg and increasing the dose by 5 mg at a time until your level is found.

Know your body and symptoms

Differences in body weight and metabolism affect how the medicine works, and different products and strains target different ailments.

Read the labels

“You want to look for the milligrams of THC,” says Blake Power of Korova Edibles. “Make sure that’s printed clearly on the package.”

Knowledge is king

Know the laws, especially in regard to traveling in and out of California.


“It’s a whole new world out there,” Otiniano says. “There are topicals, inhalers, stuff you’ve never heard of before.”

Quality matters

It’s a saturated market, so don’t settle for a mediocre product. “Ask budtenders about the most consistent products,” Power says.

Treat edibles like food

If not properly stored, cannabis edibles spoil just like any other edible.


“Come up with a price-per-mg average,” says Power. “Get a good idea of who’s charging what for what amount of THC.”

Don’t be lame

“Enjoy your medicine, it is fun — but it’s also medicine,” Otiniano says. “Some people see [the industry] as a nuisance, and we don’t want to be that nuisance.”