It’s spring, which means it’s time for the CN&R’s annual celebration of Chico’s huge, eclectic music scene. This year, we’ve switched things up. The CAMMIES now stands for Chico Area Music Festival (replacing Chico Area Music Awards). And instead of the CN&R nominating a bunch of bands and producing a dozen genre showcases, we’ve dropped the nominations and turned it over to the venues to produce their own all-local shows, featuring any mix of bands and genres they see fit, for more than a week’s worth of live music (April 21-30).

More than 100 acts will be spread out over 10 nights at nearly every localmusic venue in town.

Without nominees, the only voting this year is for Best Local Act, and every band in town is eligible. Visit to cast your vote. Polls close at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 24.

Of course, the CN&R is still hosting the free CAMMIES Finale & Awards Show (this year outdoors at Patrick Ranch on Sunday, May 1), where we’ll party with a wide range of local acts, enjoy some local food-truck cuisine and announce the winner of the public vote as well as a handful of critics’ choice awards. See details in the schedule you’re holding in your hands. See you at the shows!