Thank you from CAMMIES

The CAMMIES would like to thank the following people who without, this event would not be possible.

Chico News & Review
Coors Light
Umpqua Bank’s Discover Local Music Project

Z-Rock 106.7 FM
Skip’s Music in Sacramento

Chris Schadt
West by Swan
Big Mo
Holger Honda
The Makai

The one and only V from Z-Rock

V Z-Rock
Mark Lore, Arts Editor, CN&R
Dwight Frey, Director, AS Presents
Lee Craft, General Manager, CN&R
Mark Arnone, 107 FM The Point/KFM
Weezal Dogg, 93.9 KFM
René Stephens, All Things Cool, Fulcrum Records & Synthesis Network
Tim Buc Moore, Weekday mornings, 107 FM The Point
Evan Tuchinsky, Editor, CN&R
Steve Scarborough, It’s Just Jazz, KZFR 90.1 FM
Chris Caraway Event Producer, N&R
Spenny, Wax On, KZFR 90.1 FM/ Chico Enterprise-Record, The Buzz
Bob Littell, General Manager, Sierra Nevada Big Room
Jason Cassidy, Calendar Editor, CN&R
Mary Messina, Booker/Promoter, Off Limits
Bill Fishkin, Publisher, Synthesis Network
Katie Perry, Promoter, DevilKat Rock
AR, Club 96.7
Matt Hogan, downtowner, bon vivant, guitarist, singer
Laurie Niles, Two Penny Opera, KZFR 90.1FM
Kimberly Burton, Esplanade Store Manager, Umpqua Bank

Speaker Connection, Showcase PA rentals
Shotti Clothing Co., T-Shirts
Awards Co., CAMMIES Plaques

Showcase Venues
The Maltese
Off Limits
On the Rocks (Holiday Inn)
33rd Street Steaks, Booze, & Jazz
and of course the Senator Theatre for the Award Show

A very big thanks to the CAMMIES Nominating Committee

An even bigger thank you to all the music lovers in Chico who support the local scene

CAMMIES Director/Producer: Chris Caraway
Technical Stage Manager: Michael Ragusa
Assistant Stage Managers: Kimberly Brown, Jennifer Johnson, Michelle Warren, & Cameron Monte
Video: ATV Video Sacramento
Sound: Tolar Sound
Lighting: Senator Theatre
Showcase Photographer Lee Craft
Awards Show Photographer: Dave Robert
Critics Choice Videos by Mark Lore, Jason Cassidy, Chris Caraway & Peter Berkow
CAMMIES Editorial staff: Mark Lore & Jason Cassidy
Awards Show Video Coordinator/Video Slide & CAMMIES Plaque art designer/All around CAMMIES life-saver: Kelsey Falle
CAMMIES Art Director: Tina Flynn
Dude who said “hell yes, let’s have the CAMMIES!": Jeff vonKaenel, CEO, News & Review