2006 Chico Area Music Awards

Sat., May 6, 8-11:30 p.m., Senator Theatre

Tickets are available at Diamond W Western Wear (181 East Second Street, Chico) and online at www.ticketweb.com or at the door

$10 advance $12 day of show, All Ages

Schedule of Events

World Performance Cochino

Welcome to the CAMMIES Your host: V

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Male Vocalist
Presented by V, Z-Rock

Folk Performance Chris Schadt

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Bassist
Presented by Mark Lore, Arts Editor, CN&R

Readers’ Choice Award, Best World/Celtic/Reggae
Presented by Dwight Frey, Director, A.S. Presents

Rock Performance deerpen

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Folk/Acoustic
Presented by Lee Craft, General Manager, CN&R

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Drummer
Presented by Mark Arnone, 93.9 KFM & 107 FM The Point

Indie Performance West by Swan

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Rock
Presented by Weezal Dogg, 93.9 KFM

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Female Vocalist
Presented by René Stephens, All Things Cool, Fulcrum Records & Synthesis Network

Jazz Performance NewmanAmiYumi

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Indie/Experimental
Presented by Tim Buc Moore, 107 FM The Point

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Keyboardist
Presented by Evan Tuchinsky, Editor, CN&R

Funk/R&B Performance Goldmind

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Jazz
Presented by Steve Scarborough, It’s Just Jazz, KZFR 90.1 FM

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Songwriter
Presented By Chris Caraway, Event Producer, N&R


Blues Performance Big Mo

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Funk/R&B/Jam
Presented by Spenny, Wax On, KZFR 90.1 FM

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Local CD
Presented by V, Z-Rock

Electronica/DJ Performance Holger Honda

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Blues
Presented by Bob Littell, General Manager, Sierra Nevada Big Room

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Local Act
Presented by Mark Lore, Arts Editor, CN&R

Heavy Metal Performance The Makai

Readers’ Choice Award, Best DJ/Electronica
Presented by V, Z-Rock

Critics’ Choice Award, Best New Band
Presented by Jason Cassidy, writer & Calendar Editor, CN&R

Punk Performance Gruk

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Hard Rock/Metal
Presented by Mary Messina, Booker/Promoter, Off Limits

Critics’ Choice Award, Local Badass
Presented by Bill Fishkin, Publisher, Synthesis Network

Rap/Hip Hop Performance Dialecs

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Punk
Presented by Katie Perry, Promoter, DevilKat Rock

Readers’ Choice Award, Best Rap
Presented by AR, Club 96.

Bluegrass Performance Crazygrass

Critics’ Choice Award, Best Guitarist
Presented by Matt Hogan, downtowner, bon vivant, guitarist, singer

Readers Choice Award, Best Country/Bluegrass
Presented by Laurie Niles, Two Penny Opera, KZFR 90.1FM

Umpqua Bank People’s Choice Award Presented by Kimberly Burton, Umpqua Bank, Esplanade Store Manager