Issue: August 13, 2015

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Morning, readers!

We've got a feature this week on a presidential hopeful and no, it's not

Donald Trump. We take a look at Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator

who's drawing huge crowds this summer to rallies throughout the country.

Who is he? And does he have a real shot at the White House? Read the

story to find out more ...

In other news: We look a little closer at the Chico Chamber of

Commerce's plan for downtown that the City Council largely ignored last

week; we look into what's been going on over at the Well Ministry of

Rescue--now the Chico Rescue Mission--which is seeking funding to buy

its Esplanade property; and we find out the facts behind Butte County's

sudden paper shortage (say what?!).

Of course, there's more where that came from.

Take care and keep reading,

Meredith Cooper, associate editor