Letters for August 13, 2015

‘A proud day’

Re “Breaking down barriers” (Cover story, by Leslie Layton, Aug. 6):

A great piece about Sergio Garcia. He enters, not legally, the U.S. and not only gets through law school but also fights for legislation Gov. Jerry Brown ultimately signs to allow him to practice law, and the state Supreme Court ruled 7-0 in favor of the legislation.

Republican President Reagan was right to sign an Immigration Act in 1986 that allowed several million people to become U.S. Citizens. But Republican Gov. Pete Wilson was wrong in 1994 to push Prop. 187 (a Latino-bashing measure), which passed, even in Chico, with local Republican politicians and leaders campaigning for it. The federal courts ruled it illegal, but unfortunately, the local Republicans, like Wilson, never apologized.

Reagan was right on the immigration issue. Better to talk about “Morning in America,” rather than using divisive measures to create anger among communities.

It will be a proud day when Sergio is sworn in as a U.S. citizen, and every time I see noncitizens in the U.S. military in a war zone being sworn in as U.S. citizens, it is a proud day for all of America.

Bob Mulholland


Two takes on Randall Stone

Re “Council’s missing links” (Newslines, by Robert Speer, Aug. 6):

Independent of one’s political leanings, I hope everyone realizes the egregious mistake Councilman Randall Stone made when he publicly accused a Chico city employee of “abhorrent and inexcusable” actions.

Let me explain. Debbie Presson reports directly to the City Council, which means that Stone is one of her bosses. There are specific regulations that cover employee performance issues, yet Stone made no attempt to follow their mandates. Most importantly, even if his accusations were true (which I don’t believe for a second), employees accused of wrongdoings have legal rights and protections. Chief among them, privacy is paramount.

Stone’s accusations broadcast in such a public forum violated that basic tenet. Thus, for a second time, Stone has put the city at risk of being sued for having a “hostile work environment.” Even worse, because his allegations were broadcast on his Facebook page, the entire community is now passing judgment on a city employee based solely on his accusations—accusations that were never substantiated and, by law, were required to be handled privately.

“Abhorrent and inexcusable” are words that better describe Stone’s actions than anything Debbie Presson is accused of. Councilman Stone, you owe Debbie Presson a public apology.

Bob Evans


Randall Stone deserves our gratitude and support for demanding transparency and accountability in local government. The problem is, he did not go far enough. He should have demanded that in the future Debbie Presson should impose the statutory fine against the Chico Police Officers’ Association for filing their paperwork late. The union routinely files weeks after the deadline. Why should we tolerate them doing this with impunity? If this situation is not remedied, it will be more proof that we live in a corrupt little city where the majority of the City Council is bought and paid for by the public employee unions.

Barton Crocket


Lambasting LaMalfa

Recently on the House floor, Rep. Doug LaMalfa called for a “Congressional investigation” into Planned Parenthood for “illegally selling body parts for profit” and using federal dollars for abortion.

Mr. LaMalfa relied on video made by the most militant wing of the anti-abortion movement, those responsible for bombing clinics and killing doctors in their homes and churches. The perpetrators of this fraud set up phony companies, fake government IDs and tax filings, and tried for three years to get the clips they eventually maliciously edited together.

Shame on you, Mr. LaMalfa. Planned Parenthood is recouping some of its expenses for storing and preparing the willingly donated tissue, not making a profit. It is not illegal! They do not and haven’t for years used federal money for abortions (mainly because of uninformed troglodytes like you). As for your statement about them being the “largest abortion provider,” you are playing semantics as they are the only national provider.

One in 5 women use Planned Parenthood at some time in their life. Three percent of their services involve abortions, 90 percent involve family planning and other women’s (and men’s) health issues. I’m sure Mr. LaMalfa sees no irony in his Iran Accord opposition and his war on women. In 18 years, the zygotes he “saves” will be “volunteer” fodder for his unnecessary wars!

Rich Meyers


Let’s talk about it

I think it’s time for a discussion in our country about capitalism, communism, fascism and Zionism. Many lives have been taken in the past 100 years in the name of these “isms,” so we should at least know what they are.

Linda Furr


Lacking dispensaries

Re “Help in my fight” (Letters, by Joel Castle, Aug. 6): I would help because our county has zero marijuana dispensaries and no access to quality medicine. Other places—Sacramento, Shasta Lake City, even Grass Valley—have them, but here you have to go to the black market to get well. It’s so wrong. Keep up the charge, Joel. We need people fighting for our rights. Butte County law enforcement has the wrong attitude, and it is hurting citizens.

Dan Maxwell


Nature Center needs help

We are in serious danger of losing our beloved Chico Creek Nature Center. Caitlin Reilly, our executive director, and her staff are doing amazing work and creating new programs that will generate income but need some time to mature.

During that time, we’ll need the community’s support to stay open. We are 100 percent funded by programs, community fundraising and need your help now. I invite you to visit our center and see for yourself why it is worth saving. From the hundreds of campers, the thousands of children on school field trips, the birthday party goers, the folks who come by to feed the goats and learn all about the animals that live in the center, I know there are many who would miss this center if it no longer existed.

If we don’t make our goal, the center will cease to exist as we know it. The Chico Creek Nature Center has been a treasured place to go for years and years by children of all ages and it is now up to the community if we are to stay open. Please donate today at www.gofundme.com/nurturingnature.

Lollie DeYoung

CCNC board member, Chico