The healing flow

’Ohana Health in Paradise offers everything from yoga and reiki to acupuncture and hypnotherapy

Photo by Vic Cantu

As a young girl, Anne Weaver grew up outside of Chicago learning the healing power of touch by caring for her mother, who was bedridden with multiple sclerosis. Years of rubbing, massaging and “loving on mom,” as she calls it, inspired her to become a certified massage therapist and reiki master touch healer. In January 2013, she decided to offer those healing powers to the Paradise community, and with help from her husband, Kevin, she created ‘Ohana Health at 757 Fir St. She is now sole owner of the multipurpose, alternative health center, which offers a vast assortment of treatments such as massage, acupuncture, yoga, reiki, sound healing and even dog yoga. Find her on Facebook under ‘Ohana Health, visit her website:, or call 876-1692.

Why did you start ‘Ohana Health?

I'd been doing massage from my home for 12 years, yet the average massage career is only seven years. So to help my clients and the community in case I retired, I thought I would gather other highly trained [professionals]. From experience, I knew that those who heal fastest receive massage and acupuncture, so I recruited both. We kept expanding to other services and invited world masters for seminars.

What’s the overall concept?

“‘Ohana” is Hawaiian for a home of extended family, and it's all about re-creating “the flow” or right vibration in a person. That gives people health, happiness and the ability to be present. Most people spend their time regretting the past, or “future-tripping,” which is worrying about what will happen next. I offer many healing avenues, but ‘Ohana is also an open environment where people can explore, drink Japanese tea, borrow from our lending library or just talk for company.

What are your most popular offerings?

Probably acupuncture and yoga. Adam Moes conducts community acupuncture, which is a group, walk-in clinic on a sliding scale of $20-$40. It's very in-demand and I'm always looking for more practitioners. We have different yoga styles like yin and hatha workshops and classes in a 900-square-foot studio. We also offer “Doga,” which is yoga with your dog!

It sounds like the business has really blossomed.

Yes, we've added so many alternative practitioners, like hypnotherapists, psychic readers and sound healers. We even have “Angel Readings,” which are card readings channeled through angels. Plus, independent practitioners can rent our flexible office space.

Tell me about those visiting masters.

We offer special classes by world experts in despacho shamanism, Indian pipe ceremonies and Ayurvedic diet. We've also had seminars with Buddhist monks and Peruvian Q'ero Indians, who help integrate your spirituality.

Are the classes expensive?

They're very affordable. Group acupuncture and reiki sessions depend on what you can afford, but individual classes have set prices available on our website. We also have a “pay-it-forward” program, where people contribute tips to pay fees for anyone who can't afford a treatment.