Issue: May 28, 2015

Good morning, readers,

I hope all of you are having a nice holiday week. In honor of Memorial

Day, our feature story this week is about America's veterans, their

struggle to readjust to civilian life after their service and the new

federal law addressing the startling suicide rate among vets. We also

talk with a local vet who works with other vets who reach out for his help.

In other news: We check in with Peregrine Point and the efforts (or lack

thereof) to mitigate environmental damage done by disc golfers; we meet

a north Chico man whose backyard is now a 24-foot-high warehouse and how

that was permitted by the city; we talk to Chico State about a stranger

rape on campus that was shockingly underreported at the time; and Arts

Devo hits 400.

Keep on reading on,

Meredith J. Cooper, associate editor