Issue: October 24, 2013

Dear CN&R readers--

We have a great cover story for you this week: Staff Writer Ken Smith's "Sikhs of the Sacramento Valley," about the very large population of Sikhs living in nearby Yuba City (and the 34th annual Yuba City Sikh Festival and Parade that takes place at the beginning of November).

In Newslines, contributor Robert Speer leads off with "Remembering a fallen cyclist," for which he interviewed local bicyclist Frankie Dean, who is creating a "ghost-bike" memorial to Kristina Chesterman, the young woman who died recently after being struck by a car while riding her bike. "He shall not be moved," another story by Smith, is our second Newsline; it's the latest installment to the fishing-without-a-license saga of local constitutionalist Don Bird. Newsline No. 3--"White House briefing"--is a short review by News Editor Tom Gascoyne of NPR White House correspondent Ari Shapiro's Oct. 22 Chico State talk. Our fourth Newsline ("Clearing a path") was penned by Editor Melissa Daugherty and deals, as do other articles in this issue, with the ongoing problem of how to best handle the city's burgeoning homeless population.

Contributor Evan Tuchinsky's Greenways feature story, "'Climate shifts,'" looks at the IPCC's latest climate-change report through the eyes of two local environmentalists, and Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee's Healthlines feature, "Chronic pain at age 12," is about a young woman named Genna Pingatore who has finally found relief for the chronic pain she experienced as the result of a childhood horseback-riding accident.

In Arts & Culture, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy offers two stories: "New batches of art," about two interesting art "experiments," and "Beards in the hop yard," his Chow review of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.'s recent Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild festival. Also in A&C, take a look at contributing photographer Melanie MacTavish's "Colors of Chico," a short photo essay covering the happenings at the Open Studios Art Tour. And read contributor Juan-Carlos Selznick's film review, "Secrets and lies," of two new movies--The Fifth Estate and Closed Circuit.

Of course, check out the print edition of the CN&R as well for our Calendar listings of the many things to do in the coming week...

Have a great day!

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor