Let us unite

Local event focuses on social, environmental, health and economic justice

The author is president of the Butte County Health Care Coalition. He states that he is committed to creating stronger alliances and overturning silos.

We, as the citizens of this land, are ultimately responsible for building the community coalitions with which we can achieve social, environmental, health and economic justice. Despite the diversity of our principal interests, health is the common ground on which we can organize together.

On Saturday, Nov. 2, at Trinity United Methodist Church, Uniting Generations for Action will bring community leaders, activists and concerned citizens together to network, share skills, and ultimately develop solidarity among the many passionate local individual organizers and organizations. The goal of this event is to strengthen Butte County’s community network, and to meet and cultivate inspired individuals, from the newly awakened youth to seasoned community veterans.

We will expand our own knowledge and understanding, and strengthen the groundwork for alliances directed toward political, economic, social and educational action. We know there is a strong link between personal and social health, and the health of the food, water and land. The way we respond to the threats of fracking, water transportation and food sovereignty is emblematic of the way we will treat ourselves and community.

With a schedule of events that includes speaker panels, whole-group educational lectures, and workshops on specific topics, Uniting Generations for Action will focus on community building; multi-generational wisdom exchange; the intersections of water, health, fracking and food; as well as leadership empowerment. We will be discussing how we as a community can work together to advance our personal and universal calls to action. We would like representation from as many organizations as possible to create an event that highlights and empowers our diverse needs and interests.

Principal sponsors include the California Student Sustainability Coalition, the Butte County Health Care Education Coalition and the Butte Environmental Council. Partnership sponsors include the California Nurses Association, the Sierra Club, Physicians for a National Health Program-California, and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

The organizers hope to break new ground in linking local issues with global implications. We are calling on activists on all issues to join us. A $5-$15 sliding-scale donation is requested to support the host organizations. A delicious vegan or chicken meal by Brenda Bestle will be provided. To learn more, call 680-9441.