Issue: October 03, 2013

Hi there, CN&R readers!

First off--isn't the fall weather awesome?

Well, this issue of the Chico News & Review is, fittingly, focused on the Affordable Care Act and the start-up of California's health-insurance exchange, and there's no better place to head to for starters than our informative cover story, "Looking for buy-in," by Daniel Weintraub.

Next, take a good gander at Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee's interesting story in Newslines--"'Bit of a bust'"--on the glitch that caused the local Covered California call center to have no phone action whatsoever on launch day. Also in Newslines (speaking of call centers), take a look at News Editor Tom Gascoyne's "A call for jobs," which covers the unsurprisingly well-attended Sept. 28 job fair conducted at Chico State by Bay Area info-tech-services company Milestone Technologies Inc.

Sandwiched between Hardee's and Gascoyne's stories are Editor Melissa Daugherty's "Insider talk," yet another look at the continuing saga of city politics, especially regarding a trio of regular "thorn-in-the-side" former employees, as Daugherty put it, that stir the pot at Chico City Council meetings. And, there's Staff Writer Ken Smith's update on the situation with the Saturday-morning downtown farmers' market, "Market measure?"

Contributor Claire Hutkins Seda's Greenways feature, "Local threads," is a thought-provoking story on a local fiber collective in the process of creating a totally local woven cloth, from plant to product (including the looms!), and Hardee's Healthlines feature, "From pen to release," is a sweet piece on Enloe Medical Center's Telling Our Stories program.

Don't forget to check out "Forever young?" in the A&C section, in which contributor Alastair Bland sets the record straight on the oft-maligned Gamay noir grape and wine in this entertaining (and informative) article. Do also scroll down to our 15 Minutes Q-and-A column, "Yo, champ!" by intern Katherine Green, and learn about the talents of fabulous young local yo-yo champion Gentry Stein (and about the upcoming National Yo-Yo Contest, held right here in Chico).

As always, there is plenty more of interest, in both the online and the print versions of our paper, including some rather interesting letters to the editor that didn't make it into our hard-copy version.

Next week: Best of Chico!

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor