Booze control sobers up

Ad-hoc committee tones down liquor controls

The city’s recently proposed efforts to crack down on businesses that serve alcohol have been greatly watered down. An ad-hoc committee headed by Chico Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Katie Simmons, and made up of business owners, City Council members and Police Chief Kirk Trostle was tasked earlier this year with addressing the city’s perceived alcohol problems.

At its Sept. 30 meeting, the group reached a general consensus that the city should form a three-person committee to consider penalties of liquor-license violations on an individual basis, rather than placing a blanket set of restrictions on all liquor-related businesses, both new and existing. Those restrictions included the possible outlawing of live music where liquor is served, as well as a ban on karaoke.

The City Council’s Internal Affairs Committee will take up the matter at its Oct. 9 meeting.