Issue: October 17, 2013

Good morning, CN&R readers!

Last week, we brought you our "Best of" issue, largely focused on readers' favorite businesses in Chico. The theme of this week's issue is rather antithetical to doing business and making money (as most poets will tell you)--namely, it is our annual Poetry 99 issue and it features the best of the poems that were submitted to us by people of all ages.

In Newslines, News Editor Tom Gascoyne leads off with "Bed bugs bite," on the unfortunate situation of the Torres Community Shelter's temporary closure due to a tenacious bed-bug infestation. Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee follows with "Obamacare fair," which looks at the recent ACA-info fair at Chico State. Editor Melissa Daugherty bats next with her story "Much ado about meals," focused on the topic of the Orchard Church's outreach to the hungry in City Plaza, and Gascoyne bats cleanup with "The cost of free speech," for which he interviewed a local homeless man given a ticket recently for panhandling on a downtown sidewalk.

Contributor Evan Tuchinsky's Healthlines feature story, "End-of-life crossroads," offers the takes of local health professionals on the care choices facing the terminally ill and their families, and contributor Claire Hutkins Seda's Greenways feature story, "Skills almost lost," explores the wilderness-skills offerings of EarthBound Skills, a local collective dedicated to preserving and disseminating traditional survival-type know-how. Also, in my GreenHouse column is a little wrap-up of the recent postcard show at 1078 gallery, among other things.

In Arts & Culture, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy's Arts DEVO column hits on Artoberfest, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.'s latest escapades, and a few other noteworthy highlights in the world of A&C. Also in that section, Hardee weighs in with his entertaining, observant review ("Deaf jams") of the recent show by local bands The Deaf Pilots and Strange Habits, and contributor Jesse Mills gives us a thorough rundown on the merits of the acorn in his Chow story, "Fruit of the oak." Do also check out contributor Juan-Carlos Selznick's review--"A pirate tale"--of the new Tom Hanks film, Captain Phillips, and contributor Robert Speer's review of California Regional Theatre's ongoing (through Oct. 27) production of Les Misérables, "Les Miz in our midst."

My thanks to Jason Cassidy for writing the newsletter last week while I was on a delightful little staycation with my family...

Happy happy!

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor