Leaf trimmers for sale

Butte County District Attorney sells mechanical pot trimmers

Those interested in purchasing a leaf trimmer as the harvest season arrives may want to contact the Butte County District Attorney. Earlier this month, two used trimmers were advertised on eBay with a seller going by the name of butteda.

DA Mike Ramsey said the trimmers were confiscated as asset forfeitures in recent years from those whose marijuana gardens were operating outside the bounds of Proposition 215. Two were taken by the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and one by Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force.

At a starting price of $6,500, one has sold for $7,500, with the money going to the Sheriff’s Office, Ramsey said.

Anyone is invited to bid and buy, the DA said, including those who “are operating a legitimate [marijuana] collective that is within the legal guidelines.”