Market meet-up

Farmers’-market friends want the Saturday event to stay put

More than 100 supporters of the Chico Certified Farmers’ Market turned out last Thursday (Oct. 3) for the inaugural public event held by Friends of the Farmers’ Market, a group that favors keeping the CCFM’s downtown location at Second and Wall streets.

The event included presentations about the CCFM’s 30-year history and possible improvements if the CCFM is allowed to stay downtown, including solar power and covered areas. Some vocal downtown business owners think the Saturday event displaces parking spaces and their customers. The market’s future after Dec. 2014—when its franchise agreement with the city expires—is uncertain.

FFM organizer Karl Ory said the FFM’s main focus right now is gathering supporters through its Web presence and a weekly table at the CCFM. “We want to be ready when the opportunity for change presents itself,” he said.