Issue: May 03, 2012

Happy Thursday, CN&R readers,

In this week’s cover story, Jaime O’Neill describes his night attending the

“King of the Cage” mixed-martial-arts fights at a local casino. Afterward,

he hung out with some of the fighters. His conversations with them greatly

changed his preconceptions about the fighters and cage fighting in general.

The story is accompanied by some fantastic photographs by Kyle Delmar.

In news, check out Vic Cantu’s piece on “Pastor Bob.” You may recognize him

from around town. His real name is Robert Taylor, and he says he’s being

wrongly targeted for eviction from his apartment on The Esplanade. The

75-year-old Chico man has lived there for more than 25 years. In other

news, news editor Tom Gascoyne sets the record straight on the Chico Fire

Department’s closure of Fire Station 5, and editor Robert Speer describes

the political divide apparent during this week’s City Council meeting.

There’s a lot going on this week in arts …

Arts editor Jason Cassidy paints a picture of the Blue Room Theatre’s

production of A Clockwork Orange. Oh, my. Let’s just say it’s not for the

squeamish or the prudish. And Mark Lore’s music feature will make you want

to head over to Origami Lounge to check out Brit band Allo Darlin’.


-Melissa Daugherty, managing editor