Issue: June 01, 2017

This week's cover story: Meet Eric Johnson, who treats a painful progressive neurological disorder with microdoses of certain psychedelic drugs. The drugs, he says, provide relief from the persistent pain he lives with. As Howard Hardee's story suggests, medical professionals are discovering that psychedelics taken in microdoses can alleviate both physical and mental afflictions. Is legalization in the offing?

Also in this issue: Dave Kempa takes us inside the recent Democratic convention in Sactown, where he finds that, as is their wont, the Dems are engaged in a circular firing squad, about which disunity Jeff vonKaenel has something trenchant to say in his Greenlight column; Scott Thomas Anderson reports on the mayor's urge to splurge on a wide range of worthy projects despite uncertainty about the future of Measure U; Raheem Hosseini has the latest on the newsroom cutbacks at The Sacramento Bee; and, as the summer movie season approaches, our two film critics separate the good stuff from the blockbuster dreck. Also, check out our beautiful new Calendar section in our print edition. It's a terrific guide to the best events of the week ahead.