Issue: July 04, 2013

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The feature this week: While everyone else was busy making plans for

the Fourth of July, our writers got to thinking: What if Sacramento

was it's own nation? Get ready for Sactopia, a self-sufficient state

populated by home-brewing, honey-bee raising, mobile-homesteading DIYers.

Elsewhere in the issue: Raheem F. Hosseini talks with chief park

ranger Stan Lumsden about playing it cool on the river this summer;

Dave Kempa hangs with the homeless beneath the Highway 160 bridge;

Cosmo Garvin takes a look at the paid signature gatherers trying to

get an arena measure on the ballot; an op-ed on Prop 8 and the DOMA

decision; Fourth of July activities in the area; Rachel Leibrock

profiles Mount Whateverest; and Christian Kiefer asks local author

Jodi Angel a few questions about her new short story collection, You

Only Get Letters From Jail.