The Heat

Rated 3.0

An uptight, unpopular FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) is forced to team up with a less uptight but equally unpopular Boston cop (Melissa McCarthy) to bring down a drug kingpin. The plot of Katie Dippold's script is barely serviceable, but it's beside the point anyway: The real purpose is to set up Bullock and McCarthy as an oil-and-water comedy team, and for that, it serves perfectly. Bullock's straitlacing and McCarthy's slovenliness play to hilarious effect—quick, somebody put these two into the female version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple! It's essentially a two-woman show, with Bullock playing straight woman to McCarthy's foul-mouthed tornado, but the supporting cast is decent, including Demian Bichir as Bullock's patient boss and Michael Rapaport as McCarthy's jailbird brother. Director Paul Feig avoids getting in anyone's way.