Oh, mama

There's mom rock and mom jeans and, apparently, there's also mom comedy. Unlike the first two genres, however, jokes of the maternal nature involve neither coffee-shop-friendly jams nor high-waisted fashion choices.

The Los Angeles-based comedian Kelly Pryce shows how it's done with stories of childbirth; boring married sex; OK married sex; and really, really bad married sex.

Pryce, a former comedy writer for the TBS network, has penned jokes for the likes of the late-night talk show Lopez Tonight. Now, her stand-up routine chronicles the seemingly mundane details of life as a mother and wife.

There are jokes about natural childbirth (“I had that first contraction and was like, ‘I didn't conceive this baby sober, so why ruin a good thing?'”) and riffs on her husband's yawn-inducing fantasies about their sex life (“‘In your fantasy, I go to a community college? … It couldn't be Harvard or Yale?'”).

Certainly, she knows her material. With three kids and a fourth on the way, Pryce gives keen insight into what it likely feels like when your life morphs from that of a fun, edgy party girl to one of carpools and routine, missionary-style sex (presumably, the kind accompanied by Jack Johnson tunes).

Friday, July 5, at 8 p.m.; $18.50; Punch Line Comedy Club, 2100 Arden Way, Suite 225; (916) 925-5500; www.punchlinesac.com.