Issue: June 15, 2017

Morning, readers,

If you haven't heard, there's a heat advisory in Butte County for this weekend. So, stay hydrated, folks—temps could reach 106!

Now what you're really here for … This week's feature package is actually one I wrote. In the interests of finding out what the city's priorities are when it comes to art—both public art and public funding for the arts—I set out to talk with arts commissioners, local politicians and artists. What I found was, well, our public art is need of help. The good news: The Arts Commission is on a fact-finding mission that could lead to some changes including added funding for the arts. Read on to find out more.

In other news: Staff writer Ken Smith took a tour of some historic houses on The Esplanade over the weekend and learned a few things along the way; the Board of Supervisors' chambers were packed with opponents of a development that they fear will threaten their ag way of life; and middle school students get passionate about climate change.

There's always more. So, sit back with that iced tea and curl up in an air-conditioned corner somewhere and read on.

Until next time,

Meredith Cooper, managing editor