When a sound feels so very steeped in familiarity, it can be hard to find ways to differentiate it as something purely its own. This album walks a fine line of creating its own version of post-punk garage-rock and being just another throwback. But with standout tracks like “End Times” and “A Sickness,” Roya presents something inherently its own. The band has boasted an impressive roster, including Rahill Jamalifard (Habibi) at the vocal helm and Hamish Kilgour (New Zealand legends The Clean) on drums. With a few members come and gone (Kilgour replaced with Lyla Vander), the now-five-piece presents nostalgic garage rock in its most raw structure. Aside from the occasional guitar solo, frills are at a minimum on this self-titled release for Burger Records. Jamalifard’s brisk and simple vocal melodies weave through minimalist surf-rock drum beats and icy toned electric lead. It won’t take you long to get the hang of it, not to say you’ve heard it before.