As Beach Fossils has gradually shifted and grown from its initial lo-fi debut, the newest album, Somersault, feels like a distinct step toward something softer. Songs like “Down the Line” and “Tangerine” bridge between 1980s new wave fluidity and a more ’90s serene rock approach found in contemporaries like Real Estate. It’s easy listening. That’s not to say the group doesn’t take any chances. In fact, the album showcases an array of textures new to the Beach Fossils repertoire, with a plethora of new instruments—saxophone, harpsichord, etc.—fleshing out new orchestral ideas. On “Saint Ivy,” a midtempo pop piano progression takes the lead in the intro before staccato strings and a swaying vocal melody are added, followed by an instrumental breakdown that unexpectedly veers into a jazzy flute solo. It sounds like a lot of shifts, but the integration feels fluid. It’s a warm approach akin to something washed repeatedly into something utterly smooth.