Impact of the arts

Some key findings of economic survey in Chico

In 2014, Americans for the Arts conducted a survey, titled Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, to determine the economic impact of the arts in Chico. While it was the fourth survey conducted nationally, it was the first one in which the organization visited Chico, where it received input from 54 local nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences over a more than six-month period. Local results echo those around the country, which show that arts groups contribute far more to local, state and federal governments than they receive ($22.3 billion vs. $4 billion nationally).

In Chico, “nonprofit arts and culture organizations, which spend $8.8 million annually, leverage a remarkable $8.9 million in additional spending by arts and culture audiences,” the report reads, “spending that pumps vital revenue into local restaurants, hotels, retail stores, parking garages, and other businesses.” Here are some additional results of the Chico study:

$17.7 million in economic activity generated by nonprofit arts and culture in 2014.

471 full-time equivalent jobs created by arts and culture organizations in 2014 in the city of Chico.

$519,000 local government revenue related to the arts.

$26.40 is what arts event attendees spent an average of per event in related costs, excluding the price of admission, in the city of Chico.

70% of non-Butte County resident respondents said they’d spend at least one night in a local hotel as a result of attending a local arts event. Those who do stay overnight spend an average of $125.74 per event—as a direct result of that event being held.

41.5% of arts event attendees who were Butte County residents said they’d travel to another community to attend the same event.