A day with Dad

Keep the tie and hang out with your dad

Father’s Day is Sunday (June 18), and if you haven’t picked up some new socks or a “World’s Best Dad” mug for your pops yet, you might want to hold off. In keeping with millennial values and spending habits—which MarketWatch and other sources report are focused on experiences rather than material goods—more people are opting to treat their dads to a special outing rather than buying physical gifts this year. The National Retail Foundation reports 77 percent of those polled plan to celebrate Father’s Day, and 48 percent of celebrants plan to take their dad on outings like to brunch or a ballgame for the holiday. The NRF also reports that overall Father’s Day spending is expected to hit a record high of $15.5 billion this year. The average American is expected to spend $134.75, up from up from $125.92 last year, according to the NRF.