Issue: January 21, 2016

Morning, readers!

Are you feeling weird? Maybe you'd like to get a little weird with us?

Good. I thought so. You're in luck, because this week we offer you our

annual Weird Issue, in eager anticipation of the upcoming Keep Chico

Weird Talent and Art shows the last weekend of January. Enjoy!

I also want to take this space to mention that the Chico News & Review

Foundation--a nonprofit arm of the CN&R created to fund independent,

investigative reporting--is seeking donations. We're coming up on a

pretty important deadline at the end of January that, if we're able to

raise a total of $25,000 by then, will yield us an anonymous bonus

donation of $10,000. So, if you act now, you're dollar or whatever

amount you might be willing or able to spare, could go a little further.

We do appreciate it.

Donate here:


Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor