Letters for January 21, 2016

Another dissatisfied customer

Re “Punished for preparedness” (Greenways, by Ernesto Rivera, Jan. 14):

After reading about the Aagaards’ problems in dealing with the Cal Water appeals process, it made me wonder how many other people have been let down by what appears to be nothing more than the guise of fairness in Cal Water’s policies.

After receiving our water budget, my family appealed due to the addition of a new baby, a valid cause as listed by Cal Water. The response was underwhelming: a 1.5 percent annual increase to accommodate our 50 percent family growth. Additionally, the increase was added to the budget of only one particular month, leaving the other 11 unchanged.

We were further frustrated to find out after removing the turf in our yard that the Cal Water reimbursement program paid half of what other programs offered, and we were ineligible for them because we had already started the project.

I hope that bringing attention to the way in which Cal Water has been dealing with these issues can bring some mutually agreeable resolutions between it and its customers.

Jacob Sams


‘Backward logic’ on pot

Re “Unhappy with editing” (Letters, by Nathan Esplanade, Jan. 14):

Colorado’s example of completely relegalizing cannabis (marijuana) exposes Nathan Esplanade’s backward logic. Relegalizing the plant doesn’t increase demand for police, fire, legal, judicial, penal, health care and social services; it reduces it. It’s one reason why Colorado ended the charade.

Further, Colorado not only has not raised taxes; it’s just the opposite. One of the contentious issues is what to do with all the additional sales tax above and beyond what was originally anticipated. That’s a problem California needs.

Contrary to Esplanade’s minority cannabis prohibition beliefs, responsible adults should be able to use the relatively safe, extremely popular, God-given plant without guilt or fear of being caged.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.

Conflicted over the NFL

From earliest childhood until this very moment, the National Football League has been an indescribably enormous part of my family members’, friends’ and most Americans’ lives. In our youth, we plastered our bedroom walls with those beautiful photos of great athletes like Lance Rentzel, the “Juice,” and one of my heroes, the mighty Mercury Morris.

As the game evolved through the years, we have experienced great elation as well as seemingly endless despair. Each season, I state clearly that I will not allow myself to be drawn in, but even as late as this past Sunday, the talented and courageous gladiators have a pretty firm grip on me. They remain fascinating creatures, even though I detest so many of them.

As I observe the game today and see such apparently solid humans like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Carson Palmer, I wonder why they were ever drafted to play in such a glorious but troubled enterprise. It doesn’t seem they meet the criteria, because when you study their lives, there is no evidence of assault, wife-beating, animal cruelty, pedophilia, drunken driving or even murder. These fine gentlemen have light-years to traverse before attaining the exalted level of a true NFL superstar icon.

Kenneth B. Keith

Los Molinos

Way to go, Inspire!

We recently got back from Inspire School of the Arts’ Make Your Mark Super Gala. If you missed it, let me recap. Beyond spectacular! The talent of these high-schoolers is truly phenomenal. And if any of the past musicals are the norm, Annie Get Your Gun [opening Feb. 26] will be delightful. Way to go, Inspire! Another home run out of the ballpark!

Marian and Larry Adamson