Issue: July 24, 2014

Rood rorning readers,

Sorry, I think my dog took over my keyboard for a sec. Good morning!

Welcome to our first Pet Issue! I hope you're all as excited about it as

I am, because we have a whole lotta pet love to go 'round. In our

feature package, we explore the worlds of homeless pets, a local cat

sanctuary, a pet cemetery in Anderson and a haven for our more scaly

friends. And, because we love animals so much, we decided to fit many

other stories throughout the book to the same theme. Our Greenways

story, for instance, delves into eco-friendly pet foods (and how to best

throw out their waste); 15 Minutes checks in with a local dog trainer;

Healthlines looks at pets as therapy; and in News we have an update on

the confusion over at Butte Humane Society/city animal services. If

you're not afraid to shed a tear, make sure to read CN&R Editor Melissa

Daugherty's column, Second & Flume, about her beloved, now-deceased dog Bo.

There are a few other things on tap, naturally. A few hints: There's

something about looting at Lake Oroville, a couple who've made it their

mission to help Afghan refugee girls in Pakistan; and the lowdown on a

tiny little event that took place at a local brewery last week (note the


I know you're reading this on your computer or smartphone or tablet or

some such device, but please also do pick up a print copy of the paper

this week to see our Facebook photo contest winners! And to find out

what the CN&R staff pets had to say when asked to describe a good day in


Adios till next week,

Meredith J. Graham, associate editor

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