Pet tales

A broad look at people and pets and some issues facing both

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Our first Pet Issue! What took us so long? Nearly everyone here at the CN&R has a pet that they are crazy about (and some of us have a crazy number of pets), and most of you likely do as well. If there’s one common feel-good topic that could make most people pick up a newspaper (did you see that little sugar booger on the cover?!) it’s pets.

There are pet stories spread throughout all sections of this week’s issue—everything from an update on the Butte Humane Society to “green” pet ownership. And we’ve also put together this eclectic package of pet-centric features, three touching on the often heart-wrenching realities of our interactions with animals—the relationships and challenging reality of Chico’s homeless residents and their pets; a sanctuary for discarded cats; and an inside look at a cemetery for pets—and one about a local resource for quirky pets, an all-reptile pet store.

So, hold your fur baby extra tight, and read along with us as we send out wishes for full and well-rubbed tummies for all the world’s animal companions.