Issue: January 05, 2017

The cover story this week: New year, New mayor. SN&R publisher Jeff VonKaenel sits down with newly appointed mayor Darrell Steinberg to see what he has to say about homelessness, jobs, the arts and much more.

Elsewhere in the issue: Sacramento prosecutors have a history of taking small infractions and misdemeanors the full distance when tensions between activists and law enforcement erupt, at a time when protests are increasingly prevalent, what does this mean for the mobilization efforts of Sacramento's activists? Scott Thomas Anderson reports; California once led the nation in government-sponsored involuntary sterilizations, a shameful ghost from the state's past that may have reemerged, Matt Kramer has the story. Elsewhere, a local journalist remembers covering Fidel Castro's presidency during the height of his power, Edgar Sanchez has the scoop. Also in the book, a picture is worth a thousand hashtags these days and Sacramento's social media food influencers know how to do both of those things very well, Janelle Bitker reports.