Issue: January 12, 2017

The cover story this week: Self-improvement is important, but equally as important is self-care and that's why this week's issue, in all its resolution-breaking glory, is dedicated to pointing you towards a variety of vehicles you can use to escape the stresses of the new year, be it through a meditative float, a bucket of alcohol or a series of hours laid out on a couch binge-watching, we've got you covered.

Elsewhere in the issue: The green rush has arrived as the state gears up to begin handing out licenses to sell recreational marijuana in January of next year, but what are the complications and concerns prospective prospectors can expect? Bansky Gonzalez reports; Two Sacramento card rooms are hoping to block Casino Royale, the subject of previous license suspensions and state investigations, from transferring its gaming license to a new owner, Scott Thomas Anderson has the story. Elsewhere, in December SN&R was denied a motion to recoup $112,000 in legal expenses used to battle former mayor Kevin Johnson in court on the grounds that both were "partially successful in meaningful ways," Nick Miller has the scoop. Also in the book, Mayor Darrel Steinberg has a vision for ending homelessness in Sacramento, but he will need community support, Jeff VonKaenel has the story.