Issue: December 22, 2016

The cover story this week: It's here: our yearly Grinch Awards issue. And, as you can imagine, 2016 left the SN&R's writers with no lack of villainous subjects to sift through. They're all here: those whose hearts are an empty hole, whose brains are full of spiders and who have garlic in their souls. You were a mean one, 2016.

Elsewhere in the issue: Former Mayor Kevin Johnson had one more trick up his sleeve before exiting office and the cards were in his favor. What was K.J.'s final political victory? Raheem F. Hosseini reports; In December, Mayor Steinberg emphasized his dedication to building affordable homes. Why, then, out of 10,000 new housing units going into the rail-yard project, are only 600 of those affordable housing units? Scott Thomas Anderson has the scoop; Elsewhere, Breitbart editor and internet troll with a gift for spewing alt-right-infused vitriol, Milo Yiannopoulos, is scheduled to speak at UC Davis as part of his "Dangerous Faggot" tour, the event won't be cancelled and not everyone is happy about this, John Flynn has the story. Also in the book, another day, another conservative says something wildly wrong and troubling in its racial subtext: Sen. Ted Gaines claims that murders of police officers are "the real "'hate crime'" epidemic," yet 925 civilians have been shot and killed by police officers this year, that's many hundreds more than the police deaths that occurred this year, Raheem F. Hosseini has the story.