Issue: June 17, 2010


Kicking off Frontlines this week, SN&R’s Nick Miller takes a look at the Sacramento City Council’s newly evolved thinking about how to handle the town’s proliferation of medical-marijuana dispensaries. Meanwhile, Seth Sandronsky considers the fate of foster kids who “time out” at 18 years old; Kel Munger discovers a (non)taxing new development for same-sex couples. In Green Days, Alastair Bland talks local zinfandels, Aunt Ruth laments an oil spill, and Jeff vonKaenel wants jobs.

Feature story

The end of the school year should be a time of celebration, right? Not for everybody. Thanks to a state budget crisis, many local teachers are spending this week cleaning out their classrooms for the summer—and forever. We at SN&R thought it was time to hear directly from some of the teachers who worked hard all year and got laid off as a reward. With Cosmo Garvin, Rachel Leibrock and Nick Miller reporting, we hereby present a yearbook for the Sacramento region’s pink-slipped Class of 2010.

Arts & Culture

Is Sex and the City to blame for Sarah Palin, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina? Rachel Leibrock connects the dots in this week’s Popsmart. Also this week: Stephanie Rodriguez looks at the past and future of the hardcore-music scene, Nick Miller previews the Sacramento French Film Festival, Jeff Hudson goes for Shear Madness, Mosi Reeves finds singer Darryl Moore’s soul, Miller meets up with Mean Doe Green (formerly Doey Rock) and Olla Ubay discovers some of Tessa Lindow’s hot cakes.