The house always wins

An emotionally honest memoir, She Bets Her Life: A True Story of Gambling Addiction invites all who’ve stumbled with gambling to find comfort in author Mary Sojourner’s journey. Recounting her many experiences sitting at her machine of choice, she shares intimate details that expose her gambling habits. Many of us have visited at least one casino, and the appeal is understandable: free drinks, bright lights, the shiny penny-slot machines with their huge levers that almost scream, “Pull me!” For some of us, gambling may be a harmless, once-in-a-while type of activity; for others, including Sojourner, gambling meant spending hours and pitching thousands into cold and unforgiving machines. She Bets Her Life isn’t just about troubled times; Sojourner shares in detail how she “beat the house,” recovering from her addiction. She also provides suggestions for others who are in thrall to the thrill of gambling.