Thurs, June 17, Portugal. The Man

Harlow’s, 8 p.m., $12.50


2708 J St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 441-4693

Good things can come out of Wasilla, Ala. It’s true. Take indie-rock quartet Portugal. The Man. The group, now based out of Portland, Ore., possesses a sensual, melancholy, yet strangely upbeat, complex sound. The group’s latest album, American Ghetto, is a great soundtrack for road trips to the beach—with windows rolled down to let the warm summer air blow through sand-filled hair. The vocals are kind of whiny, but not irritating—constantly morphing in strange, harmonizing sounds. These guys prove that not all Wasillians are obsessed with gazing at Russia from their house. 2708 J Street,