Tofu hustle

Photo By illustration by mark stivers

Here’s a tasty local secret for vegetarians and vegans (or anyone, really): Made fresh daily, Fay Wong Tofu’s soy-based products can be purchased in its flagship store at 4218 Franklin Boulevard, a second location at 6464 Stockton Boulevard, various Asian grocery stores in south Sacramento (like Wing Wa Seafood Supermarket and Vinh Phat Market), and sometimes at the Asian farmers market on Sundays at Broadway and Sixth streets.

The Stockton Boulevard store—tucked behind a mattress shop in a small plaza—is a unique shopping experience. Enter, and your only options appear right in front you: bags of soft or fried tofu, cartons of sweet or unsweetened soy milk, and a small assortment of refrigerated and dried tofu products. Within moments, a tofu factory worker will come up to take your order. Bring cash: Very little goes a long way here. Use the wonderfully moist and flavorful soy cubes in a soup, salad or stir fry.