Snug veggie hug

Veggie Feed Me Wrap, Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe

Illustration by Analie Foland

A gluten-free blanket secures the leery vegetables; tightly squeezed and warm, the sprightly selection contentedly sprinkled with a welcoming low-fat miso sauce. For those who avoid wraps, this one (a Feed Me Wrap with Fireroast Veggies, $8.45 plus $1.50 for a good gluten-free tortilla) is tasty-fresh. The selection of veg was good, with itty Brussels sprouts, zucchini, and a lonely potato, but as a savvy consumer, I expect to get a veritable mountain of plant matter when I ditch meat at the same price. I enjoyed my wrap; but it’s build-your-own, so I can only share my views on one of 360 possible combinations. 2700 Capitol Avenue,