Tacos por vida!

Fish Tacos, Chando’s Tacos

There are many fish tacos to be had in Sacramento, and sadly, a lot of them are not awesome. I can’t tell you how many previously frozen grocery store fish sticks I’ve tasted wrapped in a soggy, corn tortilla that resulted in such profound disappointment that I quit ordering fish tacos altogether. At Chando’s recently, I decided to break my moratorium and try the grilled Fish Tacos ($1.99). I was pleasantly surprised to find tender slices of citrus-marinated tilapia fillet, grilled delicately on the inside and crispy on the outside. Each taco is dressed with shredded cabbage and chipotle sauce, then left for you to finish with a generous lashing of fresh lime juice. These fish tacos are the first I’ve had in a while that hit all the right notes: cheap, light, flavorful and fantastically satisfying. Various locations, chandostacos.com.