Impossible to put down

Impossible Burger, Kasbah

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Usually the dim lighting in Kasbah makes it difficult to get good Instagram shots, but you’ll be glad for the lack of wattage when you order the vegan Impossible Burger ($15.50). This thing is so ooey-gooey messy and good that you’ll need and want to wolf it down in a decidedly indelicate manner. Vegan cheese is usually to be avoided, but fused to this realistically meaty, plant-based patty, it takes on a plasticky texture that almost exactly mimics American cheese, which many burger aficionados recognize as the superior burger cheese. The greasy caramelized onions add to the unctuous richness, and romaine lettuce brings some crunch. Order it and eat like no one’s watching. 2115 J Street, —Becky Grunewald