Dreams of doughnuts

Dochi, Sweet Dozen

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

Most doughnut connoisseurs are aware of Sweet Dozen thanks to its “Doissant,” a light, flaky doughnut made from laminated croissant dough. The Khamphay family continues to dream up new delights like the “Dochi,” a doughnut made out of deep-fried, golden-brown mochi dough. The tender, stretchy doughnut ($2.50) has a diminutive stature and an intriguing texture that feels like part mochi and part raised doughnut. They come in an array of colors and flavors: matcha, churro, brown-sugar cinnamon, purple reign (ube), and my personal favorite, strawberry shortcake. It’s a fun take on doughnut culture, shaking up both the texture and flavor of American’s most taken-for-granted breakfast sweet. Midtown Farmers’ Market and at 5207 Madison Avenue, sweetdozen.com.