Surreal freeze

The 50/50, Gunther’s Ice Cream

Gunther’s Ice Cream is a pretty obvious stop for refreshment when the summer heat starts getting you down, with its house-churned ice cream and huge array of frosty desserts: sundaes, floats, ice cream sandwiches, you name it. These days, locals are forming a line out the door waiting for the 50/50 ($4.15 for a small). It’s a cup filled with two huge scoops of your favorite fresh-fruit sorbet flavor, paired with Gunther’s creamy vanilla ice cream. The tart, icy sorbet contrasts beautifully with the sweet, creamy vanilla, giving the 50/50 a dreamlike quality that battles the heat on every possible level. Dig right in with a big spoon, or do as the kids do and stir it until it becomes a creamy, fruity mash, then eat it like a milkshake. 2801 Franklin Boulevard,