Puffs with a vengeance

Ice cream puffs, The Parlor Ice Cream

Illustration by Maria Ratinova

At The Parlor Ice Cream, “ice cream puff” ($5.50) means giant, lusciously glazed doughnuts freckled with powdered sugar and filled with your choice of over eight decadent Gunther’s ice cream flavors. I quickly dismissed the tubs of Midnight in Paris (coffee, Nutella) and Hello Kalo (taro, coconut, condensed milk). I wanted Elmo’s Revenge: bright-red vanilla ice cream crammed with Oreos, cookie dough and chocolate chips. It’s then stuffed into a warm doughnut and the result was a “puff” promising a definite sugar overload. I’ve heard revenge is a dish best served cold—it’s even better wedged inside fried, glazed dough. 2620 Fair Oaks Boulevard, facebook.com/theparloricecream.