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Poku Wings, Umai Hot Dogs

Illustration by Maria Ratinova

I discovered Poku Wings ($6.95, for five pieces) at Umai Hot Dogs while on a ketogenic diet searching for no-carb, high-fat snack options. I ordered the succulent-braised pork riblets and declined the specialty sauces. Even unadorned, the bite-sized morsels packed a savory punch due to a layer of buttery, tongue-popping fat so delicious I renamed them “pork bombs.” Later, keto-free, I went back to try the sauces. The Soy Glaze and Hoison BBQ played it safe with sweet and tangy. The Raving Korean got rowdy with chili pastes and Sriracha. But my favorite, the Kyoto Buffalo—pungent, spicy, delightfully vinegary—which made those fatty pork bombs go nuclear. 1310 Howe Avenue Suite D, umaihotdogs.com.