Fight Big Pumpkin

Sweet Potato Pie, Sarom’s Southern Kitchen

Illustration by Sarah Hansel

The season of the gourd is upon us, which means an insufferable period of grocery shopping under the looming presence of Big Pumpkin. Every corner you turn, it’s a steady onslaught of pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin butter and, worst of all: pumpkin pie. Want to fight back against the Man? Sarom’s Southern Kitchen makes a mean sweet potato pie with a delectably velvet-like texture and a perfect crust-to-filling-ratio that will open your eyes to the truth of holiday capitalism and corporate fascism. Grab a generous slice ($3.95) of sugar and spice before heading out to rally in protest of the corrupt systems propping up Big Pumpkin. 1901 El Camino Avenue,