Now that’s fire

Bud’s Diablo, Bud’s Buffet

Illustration by Maria Ratinova

We all have a different idea of what the ne plus ultra of Sacramento sandwiches looks like; the Bud’s Diablo ($10.49) from Bud’s Buffet is a strong contender. A soft French roll is piled high with warm, rosy pink roast beef plucked from a simmering steam tray and sliced-to-order. It’s moistened with a moderate spread of chipotle mayo, then layered with slices of pepper jack, shredded lettuce and pickled jalapeños; it’s a sandwich where every bite is balanced perfection. Pro tip: A half sandwich will satisfy many appetites and only costs $5.49. Also, only order if you can tolerate moderate heat. It’s called “diablo” for a reason. 1016 10th Street,