Shake your money-maker

Self-proclaimed “real” journalists with their “real” credentials and “real” lack of restraining orders from the governor’s office reported last week that Gov. McDreamy’s $125 million made him California’s all-time top campaign fund-raiser. Smirking media pundits painted My Honey Buns of Steel with the hypocrite brush, noting his gubernatorial recall campaign was built on Cali’s then-biggest-ever, campaign-contribution whore, Gov. Gray Davis, being too beholden to special interests, and that Schwarzy’s own massive personal wealth made him immune to needing such a big war chest. Without anyone asking—well, anyone other than sticklers for state open-records law compliance—Arnold pimp handed his critics by releasing a list of gazillionaires who fund his lavish overseas trips. The L.A. “By God” Times pushed back this week, claiming Snookum’s staff has been lax tracking the spending of the donated loot and suggesting state laws may have been broken. The Gov pushed back by bodly trotting out his spokesmonkey to say, “We’ve been following the law all along.” Boo-yah, L.A. Times! It’s not like my man’s benefactors—insurance company executives, timber-harvesting muckity mucks and the California Chamber of Commerce president—would ever require intervention from the governor’s office, or what I can make of it from 200 yards away.

The restraining order expires soon! Tell me where my man is at <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script> or call (916) 498-1234 x3320.