Six billion really good reasons why this bud was made for you and me

Poor Arnie! He wants to give California a new New Deal, but where’s the money? More than 500 pieces of legislation to approve or veto this week, and no cash to pay for any of it. Mama’s no tool, but she thinks it’s time to give the boy a hand, in more ways than one.

Sweetheart, you’ve got to take the $1 billion being offered to the state by California’s medical-marijuana growers and dealers.

“The first states to regulate and tax marijuana will receive an economic bonanza bigger than the original California Gold Rush,” explains Clifford Schaffer, spokesman for Let Us Pay Taxes, which represents the state’s growers and cannabis clubs. The group points to one study that estimates that taxing weed might add $6 billion annually to the state’s stash. Notes Schaffer, ominously, “The Canadians are already starting to take note of a cannabis-fueled economic boom in some areas.”

Welcome to Vancouver! Honey, after all that talk about California being some sort of highfalutin nation-state, you’re not going to let the Canadians kick your ass again? You haven’t forgotten how they handed you and Danny DeVito your lunches in B.C.?

Take the money, honey. Just say yes. Mama’s got a headache. Where are those brownies?

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