Don’t mind me, I’m just along for the ride

Thanks to a connection within the disabled community, I wrangled a spot in the

Mama’s in heaven. Best Buddies charity bicycle ride last weekend, enabling me to trail my revered regler for some 15 miles along the Big Sur coast, from Cambria to Hearst Castle.

It was a fitting respite from the previous evening’s activities at the California Republican Party’s annual state convention in Indian Wells, where Arnold once again extolled the party to move toward the center, at least during elections. And, once again, hardcore conservatives such as Sen. Tom McClintock stabbed the governor in the back for allegedly lacking principles, as if he wasn’t going to veto the gay-marriage bill and the ballot initiative calling for a withdrawal from Iraq this week.

All of that seemed so yesterday as the tightest ass in politics broke wind in front of me for more than an hour. Not even the presence of the loathsome Maria, utterly repulsive in a baggy spandex jersey, mismatched clam diggers and dreadful pink running shoes, could foul the sweetest air this pumpenfluffer has ever had the privilege of breathing.

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