Mentally ill homeless people don’t go to movies, either

I see London, I see France, I see Arnie’s underpants! Alas, no more since lover boy cashed in the fame and fortune of his bodybuilding and acting careers on a ticket to the political arena. Now all mama has to get the juices flowing are stacks and stacks of old Muscle & Fitness magazines (as far as this pumpenfluffer is concerned, every day is Joe Weider day!), along with several extremely rare copies of After Dark, the gay magazine from the 1970s in which handsome appears wearing nothing but form-fitting square-cut boxers and a come-hither leer.

But I digress. The governor was hard at work last week and your correspondent caught nary a glimpse of the man from her preferred perch behind a Capitol Park shrubbery. However, his fingerprints were all over the state budget, which was finally approved thanks to a little last minute strong-arming. One can imagine the tension in the cigar-smoke-filled back room as the options were laid out on the table: Do we cut tax loopholes for yacht and luxury boat owners, or do we ax $55 million in funding for mentally ill homeless people?

Let’s be honest: Sometimes, politicians have to make difficult decisions. It takes a real man to admit that even though the homeless program has helped some 13,000 individuals, those individuals just don’t have the political clout enjoyed by yacht and luxury boat owners. Heck, the very fact that they’re homeless means they aren’t even registered to vote! The liberal media has been quick to criticize Schwarzenegger’s decision, but isn’t it time for the mentally ill homeless to shoulder some of the responsibility for their own care? Getting an address would be a great place to start!

Someone please, pretty please, call or e-mail call me and tell me where he is! A girl gets lonely: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script>